Who prearranges a funeral?

  1. People of all ages.
  2. Family members or an executor who is responsible for the care of someone in a nursing home or extended care facility.
  3. People who travel and vacation abroad.
  4. Family members who are caring for someone terminally ill.
  5. Anyone can consider prearrangement.

What are the advantages of making prearrangements?

  1. Peace of mind and the assurance that your wishes are recorded.
  2. Pre-planning provides an opportunity to ask questions and to get clear and concise answers on all aspects of the funeral.
  3. Tax Advantages and inflation proof guarantees.
  4. Personal choices can be considered and economic decisions made without emotional stress.
  5. Relieves family members of difficult choices at time of death. Prearrangement is a practical idea that makes sense.
  6. Funeral Prearrangement is every bit a part of sensible estate planning as making a will is or signing a personal directive.

Can a prearranged funeral be prepaid?

  1. Yes, at your option.
  2. Payment is made in advance at today's cost.
  3. Payment can be made in installments.
  4. Policies with or without insurance can be offered.
  5. Spousal and couples policies can be chosen to provide for unforeseen circumstances.
  6. You can also prearrange without prepayment.

What happens if the casket I selected in my prearrangement plan is not available when needed?

  1. Regulations in advance planning contracts require detailed descriptions of all merchandise selected which protects the consumer as well as the funeral home.
  2. In remote cases where particular merchandise is not available, it is The Hamil Family Funeral Home's policy to offer a selection of merchandise of equal or better quality than what was originally purchased.

How can I find out if your services are right for my family's specific needs?

  1. We can send you some general information which will apply to anyone planning a funeral.
  2. To make informed decisions, you'll want more specific facts. And the fastest, easiest and most effective way for you to get them is to sit down, visit with us, review our programs, discuss various options and ask questions.

Do I have to pay for my advance funeral plan all at once?

  1. No. Several payment options and plans are available, including ones that allow you to pay over a period of time.
  2. Your funeral home consultant will be happy to explain all the options, so you can select one that best fits your situation.
  3. One of the biggest advantages of decisions made early is your protection from increased future costs.