Our History

The Hamil Family Funeral Home is somewhat of a new beginning to a longtime heritage of funeral service to Abilene. Robert Hamil’s grandparents, Pete and Mittie Elliott began Elliott’s Funeral Home in Abilene in 1933.  Their only daughter, JoAnn, joined them in the family business. In 1958, JoAnn married John Hamil and together they began working at the funeral home.  Pete Elliott passed away in 1967, and John and JoAnn continued to operate the funeral home with Mittie Elliott.  In 1974, a second location was opened on Hwy 277, and the funeral home name was then changed to Elliott-Hamil Funeral Homes.  In 1986, John and JoAnn’s son, Robert, joined his parents and grandmother in the family business.  Mittie remained active in the business until her death in 1991.  In July of 1994, John and JoAnn sold Elliott-Hamil to a large corporation.  John passed away in 1998, but JoAnn and Robert continued to work for the corporation.  Realizing that the corporation’s values did not align with their own, Robert resigned from the corporation so that he and his wife, Karla could pursue their own dream of owning and operating a funeral home that would reflect their own ideas and values of what funeral service should be.  So, in May of 2005, that dream became a reality in the opening of The Hamil Family Funeral Home, located on Buffalo Gap Road.

With the continuing growth of their business, in April of 2018, Robert and Karla Hamil invited their longtime friend, Luke Lunn to join them as their partner.  Luke and his wife, Jennifer, are no strangers to Abilene.  They both graduated from Abilene Christian University in 1985, before returning to Olney, Texas to become the fourth generation and owner of Lunn Funeral Home.  Luke sold his funeral home in Olney in 2010.  Robert Hamil and Luke Lunn were both raised in families deeply rooted in the funeral business and appreciate the heritage of caring and honoring the lives of those you love.  This unique perspective gives them a desire to minister to families at a time when they need it the most and to carry on the tradition of excellence in service to others.

The Hamil Family Funeral Home is not affiliated with any other funeral home in Abilene.